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Charlize Theron's Unrecognizable Bombshell Transformation Is All Thanks to Prosthetist Kazu Hiro

How Kazu Hiro Turned Charlize Theron Into Megyn Kelly By Sarah Nechamkin and Conor Williams for

Roger Deakins By Jeff Bridges Photography Stephen DuPont for

How ‘1917’ Cinematographer Roger Deakins Pulled Off Sam Mendes’ One-Shot WWI Film TheWrap Oscar magazine: “It’s a single shot, but does that force us to just follow them down a trench all the time?” Deakins says - By Brian Welk

Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins -The best cinematographer in Hollywood finally won an Oscar on his 14th try

Oscar Class Photo of 2020. Nominees Luncheon. It was the best one. Met one of my heroes. Roger Deakins. Amazing gentleman. - Kazu Hiro

Kazu Hiro

Human Soundtrack - Armand Amar / Gülay Hacer Toruk - Immigration

SBIFF 2020 - Kazu Hiro Discussion (Variety Artisans Awards)

illustrated letter

‘Bombshell’: How Kazu Hiro Transformed Charlize Theron and John Lithgow Into Megyn Kelly and Roger Ailes

SBIFF 2020 - Kazu Hiro Interview (Variety Artisans Awards)


Art is a Bridge, a Key and Mary Oliver Wild Geese

Mary Oliver - WILD GEESE

Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, Penang , Graphite: Botanic Series